How to Create a Bulleted List in Microsoft Excel

Posted On April 5, 2015

Creating a bulleted list in Microsoft Word is an easy task. Creating one in Microsoft Excel is not as apparent. There is no built-in function to add a bullet item, but it can be done. Below are three methods to generate a bullet character in Excel.

Using Keyboard

  • Select the cell
  • While pressing the ALT key, type 0149 on the numeric keypad
  • Release ALT key


Using Symbol

  • Select Insert tab
  • Click on Symbol
  • Select the symbol of your choice
  • Click on Insert button, then Close button
    (NOTE: If you are typing in the same cell as the bullet character, you may need to select the Home tab and change your font type)


Using SmartArt

  • Select Insert tab
  • Illustrations –> Insert a SmartArt Graphic SmartArt graphic
  • Choose graphic of your choice
  • Click Ok button



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