IT Security consulting

Cyber-attacks have been on the rise. One of the ways of assuring that your system does not fall prey to these criminals is by securing it. Our IT security consulting services include recommendation of security measures, installation of firewalls and other security measures, and implementation of disaster recovery plans.


We will recommend security measures, help in writing an effective security policy, implementation of disaster recovery plans, network security and other security measures.

Social Engineering

Human being are considered the weakest link in any information system. We will use a variety of methods to test the level of awareness of your employees when it comes to divulging information that may be used to exploit your system.  Security Awareness training will be available.

Penetration Testing

We save your business from being a victim by simulating real-world hacker attempts in order to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited. We can perform wireless, network, and application penetration tests.

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